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Thomas ("Tim") Borstelmann

Thomas ("Tim") Borstelmann

Elwood N. and Katherine Thompson Professor of Modern World History and Chair of Graduate Studies

Contact Information:

640 Oldfather Hall

Department of History
University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Lincoln, NE 68588, USA
Phone: (402) 472-3494
Fax: 402-472-8839
E-mail: email address

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Prof. Borstelmann came to the University of Nebraska from Cornell University, where he taught in the history department for 12 years. His primary research and teaching interests are in twentieth-century U.S. and world history, including U.S. foreign relations. His books have focused on the Cold War, southern Africa, race relations, and the 1970s, and he has also co-authored a textbook on the full sweep of U.S. history.


  • U.S. Twentieth Century
  • International Relations
  • World


B.A., Stanford University, 1980
M.A., Duke University, 1986
Ph.D., Duke University, 1990


Borstelmann, Thomas ("Tim"). The 1970s: A New Global History from Civil Rights to Economic Inequality. Princeton University Press, 2011.
Borstelmann, Thomas ("Tim"). Created Equal, 3rd Brief Edition. Prentice-Hall Publishers, 2010.
Thomas ("Tim") Borstelmann, Jacqueline Jones, Peter Wood, Elaine Tyler May, and Vicki Ruiz,. Created Equal: A Social and Political History of the United States, 3rd edition. Pearson Longman Publishers, 2008.
Borstelmann, Thomas ("Tim"). The Cold War and the Color Line: American Race Relations in the Global Arena. Harvard University Press, 2001.
Borstelmann, Thomas ("Tim"). Apartheid's Reluctant Uncle: The United States and Southern Africa in the Early Cold War. Oxford University Press, 1993.


Borstelmann, Thomas ("Tim"). "The American South and the Cold War" Lives and Consequences: The Local Impact of Cold War Diplomacy. (2008).
Borstelmann, Thomas ("Tim"). "The United States, the Cold War, and the Color Line" Origins of the Cold War: An International History. (2005): pp. 317-32.